Friday, November 27, 2009


Thanksgiving this year was a little different. We spent it with my dads side of the family "The Corbins" legit it was so much fun! a little bit of football with a lot a bit of food and a little bit of uncle humor with some fruit basket games. I just want to say how grateful I am for my family. I dont know who or what I would be without them. Im so grateful for their support and love. This year has also been wonderful lots of ups and downs and many experiences I wouldnt trade for anything. Christmas is almost here which means my birthday! 21 soooo old, something im also grateful for another year in this life to live, love, and laugh...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Dew Tour

Being a Delta Gamma has its privileges. Me and my friend Mandy volunteered for the Dew Tour. All we had to do was monitor the people coming in and out of heats for bmx riders. We went along with the ride and got free food and played games in the delta center. It was fun I got free Wendys card for throwing a bean bag into a football hoop...legit

White Trash Bash

My teenage daughter.. Jane

This was part of greek olympics and we were paired up with the Pikes and our theme was white trash. We went around the park screaming "U-S-A!" It was hilarious.. we def didnt win but it was the thought that counts. I was an old mom and jane was my daughter. I had a tattoo of her name on my arm.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"I hope i never become so used to life that i forget just how wonderful it is"
-Jane Garner
It makes you think that you really need to live in the moment and to not take anything for granted. live life to its fullest, isnt that what they say. sometimes i forget that. why do we always need to be reminded to do good, live right, and take everything in while you can. i try to live this way but its harder then you think..why? why do we make it so hard? i hope one day i can accomplish this way of life and not look back on the decisions i've made and say WHAT IF?

Lake Powell

This lake powell trip was so fun! Me and about 20 of my friends took off at 11 at night on a friday and took a drive down to good old powell for the weekend with one of my best friends emmys family. I def fell asleep on the ride but we got there around 4 am. Some people decided to go wakeboarding right away but there was no way I could stay up. The next day I learned to wake surf its my new fav thing. It was so fun me and emmy want to do double. We got up right away, this picture is when I jumped off the wake board but the pic got me mid air so it looks like im running so legit! by far one of the best trips

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Delta Gamma Recruitment
This recruitment was rough because I was super sick and found out later i hate the swine!!! but it was so fun and im glad I got better for bid day... Im going to miss thisbest pledge class

love Em!

crew 22

Need I say moreee

Easily the best moment of my life

No doubt/ Sounds Concert


Shout out to the cousins I miss them and love them so much! Couldnt stop laughing this night... Possibly the best form I have ever seen
Taylor was stoked

Friday, November 13, 2009

Jacks/ The Fray

The fray/jacks concert was so fun! We got about 20 of us infront of the lawn. I miss the summer crew!