Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Tour = Free Heli

Pretty much I got to go on a Helicopter for free!!! seriously so legit... I took this class called tourism management for fun with some Friends we heard it was an easy A and the teacher at the end of the semester takes you on a tour of the city for free. Our class decided we wanted to go on a helicopter... his private jet would have taken too long.

We went up past the mountains and close to park city. It was about a 10 min ride but so worth it.

It was so pretty!

Salt lake Valley

After our ride

Me and em on the bus
one of the warlock graves

We all had to give about a 2 min speech on any subject we wanted for like 1/4 of our grade. I gave mine on Greek row.. so easy. Also on our tour we went to a grave site to visit old witch sites, a brewery and for our last stop Spoon Me. That sucked cause I work there but other then that....This class is prob the best/easiest/most legitest class I have and will ever take in my college career

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lupe an Girl Talk

This semester the U held the grand Kerfufle for Lupe Fiasco and the Dj Girl Talk. It was so fun besides the fact it was snowing and the ground was pure mud. But both of them were way better live then I thought.... I want to see them again

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jackson Hole

This past weekend I went to Sigma Chi formal in Jackson Hole Wyoming. The drive was rough but the weekend was really fun. My date was a little pledge named Nick is from San Diego and we became really good friends. The town was so cute and the late night adventures were hilarious, I hope next year the resorts stay open so we can ski!
me and jane

the candy store
our dates slash condo

after the dance

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Festival of Colors

A couple weeks ago I went to the festival of colors with some friends and it was so fun! I think its a Hindu celebration of the colors of spring about to come so they celebrate by gathering together in pure craziness. They had a band and all we kept saying was "Harne Krishna" Seriously so fun... by the time we got there the colored flour was gone but managed to get some from people. I was tempted to crowd surf but it slipped my mind when a girl got dropped ha I suggest this to anyone you will definitely see me there next year!

Dancing to the Indian Man

The ride home was a mess

Kassie's Wedding Expo

A couple weeks ago Lauren and I joined Kassie on her first Wedding Expo. It was in Thanksgiving point and it was so cool! Everything you could imagine or want at your wedding was at your fingertips. There was free food samples and prizes and I was loving every min and I wasnt even the bride ha. It did make me feel stressed for some reason.. there were too many brides in one room but the best part of the day was when I won her a free engagement session with the best photographer there. Kassies fiance wasnt sure what that was but was excited none the less.. I cant believe that one of my best Friends is getting married it was definitely an eye opener and made me realize Im far from getting married anytime sooon.... Dad dont worry
some of her colors

The dress she is leaning towards