Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Tour = Free Heli

Pretty much I got to go on a Helicopter for free!!! seriously so legit... I took this class called tourism management for fun with some Friends we heard it was an easy A and the teacher at the end of the semester takes you on a tour of the city for free. Our class decided we wanted to go on a helicopter... his private jet would have taken too long.

We went up past the mountains and close to park city. It was about a 10 min ride but so worth it.

It was so pretty!

Salt lake Valley

After our ride

Me and em on the bus
one of the warlock graves

We all had to give about a 2 min speech on any subject we wanted for like 1/4 of our grade. I gave mine on Greek row.. so easy. Also on our tour we went to a grave site to visit old witch sites, a brewery and for our last stop Spoon Me. That sucked cause I work there but other then that....This class is prob the best/easiest/most legitest class I have and will ever take in my college career

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