Friday, January 30, 2009

The Love is Gone

Last week, some of my dg and freinds I decided to make up a dance ha (we get bored sometimes) It was our friends birthday and we didnt have any money. So we wanted to give her a little show. This video was our practice run before everyone came over for the party... We tried so hard not to laugh the whole time it was sooo funny and the birthday girl loved it.

Jazz Game

This past Tuesday my friend took to me to the Jazz Game. We sat in his Family seats that were 9th row! It was so fun! We Played the Spurs, so I got to see Duncan and Tony. I will always stay true to my Lakers but for now the Jazz are growing on me. I am hoping I get to go to the game in a few weeks when the Lakers travel up to good old Salt Lake and show the Jazz what basketball is all about ha... Thanks Dave!!!


Tonys the Man

I LOVE KORVER!!!! He is my favorite player on the Jazz if I had to choose.


Every Monday, my Sorority holds meeting. Sometimes we get guests to come and speak to us and sometimes we get random surprises. One of my sisters in DG, has a brother who is on the MTV show called the Real World. So she decided to get her brother to get one of his roommates to come sing to us in the middle of our meeting. Everyone was so surprised and he was so cute, becuase he got so shy... The girls that live in the house with me werent surprised because the night before he came and hung out with us. They filmed in Brooklyn and every wed night we all gather around the TV to watch the episodes.


This past friday, me and some of my friends decided to go to Sundance, spur of the moment. It was around 11 before we even started driving. We got up there hoping to run into someone or at least get in somewhere.... no luck! but Park City was still beautiful. Maybe next year.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


So, If anyone ever claims to know me, they know that my number 1 thing to do on Thursdays is go 80s! Ever since I moved up to Salt Lake I fell in love with it. I try to go every week unless I have a test or homework, but even then that doesn't always stop me. I love dressing in the bright colors and dancing all night. My Brother, Blake and my sister Amanda used to go all the time before they left. I kind of took over the Corbin Legacy at Area 51. The Security Guard lets me get in with out paying sometimes cause I go so much... Here's a few pics of my 80s nights. Unfortunately I cant attend tonight cause I'm unnaturally sore from snowboarding, but I hope next week Ill be ready to gooooo

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This is my niece Zoe. She is sooooo cute! This was taken in Utah when my sister Amber was in town. We decided to go to the park and she loved it!