Monday, February 23, 2009

Bully Beat Down!

This Past weekend we got asked to participate in a new series of shows on MTV called Bully Beat Down. They filmed the show in a wear house somewhere in West Valley. They offered to pay us 10 dollars a person to Delta Gamma if we went so a bunch of us wanted to check it out. Pretty much hilarious and the most random thing we have ever been apart of. Its a show that will air in about a month and its all about geeks and thier bullys back in the day. They ask the bullys to get into a ring with an actual marshal arts fighter to see if they can take it. Most of the Bullys got beat up but it was really entertaining. They filmed us in the audience yelling and booing and made people move so we could be on camera the most. I loved it!! It toook all day to film but we should all be in at least 2 episodes.. soo keep your eyes out for this show I hope to airs! They gave us foood

The Host was kind of wierd but we got a picture with him anyway

We thought the fighter was cute!

We Love Kobe

Dave and I went to the jazz game again this time we were playing the LAKERSSS. So I decided to get dressed up for the occasion. I wore a yellow shirt and a bright purple sweatshirt. Surprisingly there were alot of Laker fans in the stadium but none near me. I got yelled at a few times but it was totally worth it!!! Besides the fact we lost! seriously couldnt believe it. We had 3 chances to come back and win but none of our baskets fell... Its ok I will be a Laker fan for life. Sorry Jazzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spring Sig Bid Party

The Spring Sig Bid Party was last weekend. It was at the Salt Palace and the Dj kind of sucked but I still tried to dance even with my toe being broken thats why i sported the teal tennys... but we all still had a blast anyway!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day

More like S.A.D. single awareness day, is what i like to call it. This valentines day was extremely relaxing and spent the whole day with my girls. I went to a basketball game, saw confessions of a shopaholic and pigged out while watching House Bunny back at my sorority house. It was the perfect girls night out.. no boys.. no drama.. just the way i like it. V day will always be over rated in my book.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Crush Party

This semester we decided to have a Crush Party where we anonymously invite as many crushes as we want. We had a big dance party at a venue downtown. It was Marti Gras themed. I wore a lot of purple. It was so fun, I hope we have one every semester! here are some pictures from the night.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


This past wed I went snowboarding as usual to my weekly wed class up in Park City. My instructor decided that we were ready to hit one of the bigger mountains... ya definetly struggled but made it down proudly. It was a super hot day so I unzipped my jacket. So at the bottom of the mountain I had to call my ride but when I reached into my pocket my Phone was missing!! I thought my instructor took it as a joke at first but it was really gone.. I instantly got really bummed cause I had legit pics and things I wanted to keep on it. Not knowing what to do or who to call cause I had no ones numbers memorized I called mom in a panic of course and got the number to the resort right away. They told me to keep calling until something showed up. The whole ride back to Salt Lake I called my Phone praying for someone to answer. Right before I got home I decided to call it one more time and some old lady picked up the phone! In shock I screamed YOU FOUND IT. I wasnt surprised it was still working, I have had my phone since high school it has survived everything. It happened to be the lady at the lost and found lodge she said I could come and get it whenever.. One problem I dont have a car. I knew I could get it the following day because I have freinds that ski up there all the time. I was soooo Happy. Well its Friday night and I still dont have a phone. Its driving me crazy but at the same time sort of nice. I hope I can get it by tomorrow if not ill have to wait till wed when I go back up there. Sorry if you have tried to contact me. Trust I want it back!