Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day

More like S.A.D. single awareness day, is what i like to call it. This valentines day was extremely relaxing and spent the whole day with my girls. I went to a basketball game, saw confessions of a shopaholic and pigged out while watching House Bunny back at my sorority house. It was the perfect girls night out.. no boys.. no drama.. just the way i like it. V day will always be over rated in my book.


Ashley Jones said...

YESSSSSS I love it!!!! haha girls nights are the best....and I can't wait till I have girl time with you this weekend!!!!!!!!

Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

aubs, i love it.
sounds like a great night.
i was @ the deeg for a bit last night and didn't see ya!

Lauren Rice said...