Friday, August 20, 2010

Aron Pro is HOME

Here is our life long friends the "Procuniars". Aron is Aubree's age, they grew up together and he missed her by 3 days. Below is a picture of some of the other kids that just returned last week from their missions. Wakeboard buddies. Aron was in Mexico...Welcome home Aron!
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Follow me on my Mission Blog

Well everyone the time has come... this will be my last blog for awhile. I am off to endure an 18 month long journey into Brazil to teach the people about my Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I cannot wait.. literally. Its been a long process that I am ready to embark upon. Yes to answer your question I AM nervous and yes I AM excited. Although I will miss my family, my friends, and my life, I know that this is what I want to do. I have so much to say but dont know how. I love you all and will miss you guys! write me if you can I would love to hear anything and get mail. My address is on facebook and you can follow my emails and updates on my mission blog at or you can email me at

until we meet again


Im running out of time!

so right about now i am running out of time and my blogging days are coming to an end for now anyways. so i decided i would do a long post of just the random last min stuff i have been doing the past two weeks i have been postponed....
This night we went to two birthday parties that was supposed to represent what you were as a teen. so my friend hannah and i thought we would pull out our old band shirts and nerdy classes for the occasion. we ended up looking like garth from waynes world but hey we tried ha
my dad loves to do this
waynes world

So i was able to take brenan and one of his good friends named steven to six flags
for the very first time. He loved it besides the major fire we had to endure on the way up.
We messed around and had a good time especially when you look like a tourist.. aka brought the fanny.

I was fortunate enough to attend the LA temple with my other half Ashley and
her wonderful husband mike before they left to go up to utah. I loved the LA temple
if you havent gone and can go...GO it is beautiful. thanks ash for taking me i will never forget our
adventure in o dont worry.. compton ha love ya

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bjs Girls Night.

My sisters and I wanted to do a girls night out before I left. I chose bjs for dinner cause I was craving some poozkies! It was really fun to have both my sisters together without husbands or babies (a rare combo) to a nice dinner. We are always so silly when were together, although we wanted to do something more extravagant for our night out, this was perfect enough. I will miss them so much and appreciate their love and support. Basically best SISTERS EVER! LOVE YOU MANDY AND AMBER!

no more long hair

I havent gotten a dramatic haircut since I was ten. I have always had
long hair. I wanted to cut mine for locks of love before my mish.
They take ten inches or longer, so we said hey well give them
eleven. And yes I was scared but I love it now! way different but
ill get used to it. Thanks em and hannah!

eleven inches donated and a total of
14 when I was done.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

my girls

I dont think they will ever know how much
they mean to me

Newport Farewell

These are some pictures we took after my talk in my new home ward. I had some friends come down from utah and a lot of my faimly was able to make it as well. It was nice to spend time with everyone one last time before i head out. Of course my mom took advantage of the photo op.

the Little bro(eyes closed)

My DGs