Monday, June 28, 2010

Selling my CAR

I am trying to sell my 2001 VW Passat! Its silver with leather interior. Im selling it for around 6000 and it has about 115000 miles on it. My dad had installed a new timing belt and water pump last summer. This model of VW also has an audi engine. I hate to have to sell it cause i love this car! let me know if any of you are interested!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Need Inspiration?

my best friend / roommate abby showed me this video when i wasnt having such a good day. I loved it! Enjoy a little bit of inspiration. This speech was given by Kurt Vonnegut at a graduation for MIT but i could be wrong.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fathers DAy!

This is kind of late but i just want to give a shout out to my wonderful dad! there just isnt anyone else quite like my dad and i wouldnt have it any other way. i love you dad! and im going to miss you this next year and a half. HAPPY DADDYS DAY

Brazilian BABY

my friend jenna and i were messing around on youtube and came across my first glimpse to the wonderful crazy brazilian culture im about to embark into. Im so excited and this baby is sooo cute! i hope i can dance this good by the time i get back. take a look at my first investigator haha

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Last DG Formal

This DG formal was so much fun! not to mention my last one of three years. It was wierd saying goodbye to DG formals..dancing, eating!, being with friends, anchorman competition, speaking of anchorman comp this year my date was a runner up and so was my roommate dylan that one of my good friends steph took. neither of them won but they def should have!! Austin was so much fun and was such a great date. The girls incharge of the formal decided to mess with me because it was my last formal and made austin "fill my canteen" i wont get into details but it was fun and lets just it was one of the most fun formals to date.

Sober trio!

our dates!
jane and i with our engagement pics

i love emily D!

and of course my besties!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

last utah trip is not looking promising

i have been planning on going back to utah this whole summer minus that fact that i never factored in money or ways to get there... this may hinder my chances to going to one of my good friend brookes wedding, getting to do some last min shopping and saying goodbye to my wonderful friends and the lovely city i lived in for three years... someone tell me how to get to utah?

ps i am more than willing to take donations ha

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mormon Mission Biz -

Mormon Mission Biz -

check out this vid about missionaries around the world and their influence as successful businessmen

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lovely BONES

sooooooooooo scary. but soooooooo goooood.
last night me, lauren, karly and jenna watched the movie called lovely bones about a girl who got murdered and how she helps her dad try to find her killer. half the time me and karly were under the blanket and holding onto to one another but if you like thrillers this is a must see!


basically the best spring break ever took place on the carnival splendor march 2010 with 20 of my best friends.. we traveled down to Mazatlan, Peurto Vallarta and cabo before arriving back at the port of long beach. the trip consisted of a room with the tickles, prank calling room service, playing in the casino, dancing, anytime soft serve ice cream, sun soaking, sun sets, playing cards, eating! DC, napkin dancing, SBI, serenity deck and traveling the beautiful beaches of Mexico, what could be better then that.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Michael Franti

my besties
He came into the middle

He was so good! Michael Franti came to our school for our annual redfest in the spring.
His performance was legit, although it was cold I would come in and out of the pit to get warm.
Avoiding all the pot heads was a challenge but i do recommend his concert :)
Rogue Wave played right before them and they were also really good!
i got to see and hangout with them at dinner afterwards they were so nice!

Monday, June 7, 2010


I watched this video today and couldnt believe the truth behind the cove in japan or more specifically in a little place called Taiji.... I highly recommend watching this movie/documentary it touched me and i hope it opens your eyes too

Bieber Fever

So I never really caught onto the bieber fever but i cannot resist this little precious girl singing to his song! she is two and can sing the whole song, she does get a little distracted but thats what makes the video she graps her remote and cannot wait to sing the chorus.. enjoy she is so cute!!

Friday, June 4, 2010


As I am dreading walking outside, struggling to put on a seatbelt that is flaming hot and catching myself trying to calculate how long we have to stay outside until we get into an airconditioned room i realize i am in arizona... Why people tolerate the heat i am not sure, my sister says that you get used to it but i dont think i ever will. I give props to anyone who lives here.