Sunday, June 20, 2010

Last DG Formal

This DG formal was so much fun! not to mention my last one of three years. It was wierd saying goodbye to DG formals..dancing, eating!, being with friends, anchorman competition, speaking of anchorman comp this year my date was a runner up and so was my roommate dylan that one of my good friends steph took. neither of them won but they def should have!! Austin was so much fun and was such a great date. The girls incharge of the formal decided to mess with me because it was my last formal and made austin "fill my canteen" i wont get into details but it was fun and lets just it was one of the most fun formals to date.

Sober trio!

our dates!
jane and i with our engagement pics

i love emily D!

and of course my besties!!!

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Steph said...

love the pics aubs!!! sober trio forever!!!