Monday, August 9, 2010

Temple Time

right before
This was another pre missionary going through with me! Her name is Crosby Reid and

she is going to Florida on her mission. She was vacationing with her family for the whole

summer. Her dad is the head coach. Andy Reid, for the Philadelphia Eagles. I got to meet

him and their whole family. They are so nice and I wont forget any part of this wonderful night

My family and friends

Sometimes I forgot that going on a mission = you get to go to the temple! and I love it. needless

to say I was a little nervous but mostly excited to finally get to see and enjoy the blessings that

come from going through the temple. I went on July 15 in Newport beach, with all those that I

really cared about. I was so grateful to see my family and good friends there to go through this
experience with me, it is one I will never forget.

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