Monday, August 16, 2010

Im running out of time!

so right about now i am running out of time and my blogging days are coming to an end for now anyways. so i decided i would do a long post of just the random last min stuff i have been doing the past two weeks i have been postponed....
This night we went to two birthday parties that was supposed to represent what you were as a teen. so my friend hannah and i thought we would pull out our old band shirts and nerdy classes for the occasion. we ended up looking like garth from waynes world but hey we tried ha
my dad loves to do this
waynes world

So i was able to take brenan and one of his good friends named steven to six flags
for the very first time. He loved it besides the major fire we had to endure on the way up.
We messed around and had a good time especially when you look like a tourist.. aka brought the fanny.

I was fortunate enough to attend the LA temple with my other half Ashley and
her wonderful husband mike before they left to go up to utah. I loved the LA temple
if you havent gone and can go...GO it is beautiful. thanks ash for taking me i will never forget our
adventure in o dont worry.. compton ha love ya

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