Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kassie's Wedding Expo

A couple weeks ago Lauren and I joined Kassie on her first Wedding Expo. It was in Thanksgiving point and it was so cool! Everything you could imagine or want at your wedding was at your fingertips. There was free food samples and prizes and I was loving every min and I wasnt even the bride ha. It did make me feel stressed for some reason.. there were too many brides in one room but the best part of the day was when I won her a free engagement session with the best photographer there. Kassies fiance wasnt sure what that was but was excited none the less.. I cant believe that one of my best Friends is getting married it was definitely an eye opener and made me realize Im far from getting married anytime sooon.... Dad dont worry
some of her colors

The dress she is leaning towards

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Lauren Rice said...

such a fun day! i can't believe one of our friends is getting married either. soooo weird!!! but i love it :) made me stressed too. anddddddddd we are both def not getting married soon haha