Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Baby Dane

This is my precious, adorable, cutest, easygoing little baby nephew. He just turned 10 months and I cant get enough of him. We call him baby Dane or sometimes if you ask his big sister Zoe Monkey Man!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

ingrid michaelson

one of my favorite artists.listen to her.

Jo Bros

ill admit it, i was opposed to this idea at first when abby suggested it. but after julia was down and convinced me i loved it! i felt famous ha. even though i think i got the ugly jo bro but thats ok a new attitude came about all three of us that night at a another random halloween party. by the end of the night we had our nicknames down and a few dance moves and never walked alone, always had a bro

love you bros!

just another aubs and chlo dance off.classic.


random costumes this night i was a nerd, chlo was a gold digger and the best costume goes to jane and abby as arthur and DW.
trying to take over the world
So me and lauren always do halloween together, last year we were the incredibles and this year no costume could fit us better than pinky and the brain if any of you know me and lauren that is exactly how we act. Im always confused and indecisive and lauren most of the time has her mind dead set on something. We went to a dance party downtown and it was really fun, somehow we knew the Dj and got on stage. great night.

our anchor slam basketball team

the usual energy drinks to get us through the night

Saturday, December 26, 2009

owl city

sup trax

Me and abs decided to hop on the trax and go down to the Venue to see owl city. no one wanted to go but us ha. minus the million teenage girls it was seriously a party i loved it. The girl was amazing and wished i was her sometimes.def recommend.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

DG at the Drive IN

My Best friends!
Party time
Sig trip

me n chlo.... prob on my second plate

miss TJ

Best dates

SongFest 09

only a few of the crew

our struggle line was the best

Going on two years of winning songfest we decided to do a disney theme for this year.
We didnt end up winning but it was so much fun! we let someone else win this year ha