Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SnowBoarding in Park City

This past semester I decided I wanted to take a snowboard class to try out my new board that blake got me for christmas. I signed up for a class at the U taught by fellow students worth 2 credits I thought it was perfect to get credit for school while riding the mountain only one problem, I had to make a freind in the first meeting cause i stilllll dont have a car to meet up in park city where the class was. Dont worry I made a freind with this girl who lived up at the dorms so it was perfect. The first few times I went up I hated it! I was always soar and I couldnt figure out if I was goofy or regular. But the best part was my group. I rode with a 50 year old mom of 5 children and my instructor was my age. After a few weeks I started to get the hang of it and couldnt get enough. I also started riding up with my instructor because he also lived in the dorms. We just finished the class last week and Im going to be soo sad when wed days roll around and im not going to be in PC... Im still not the best but I can get down pretty well on crescent and payday. Im going to try to go as much as I can before the season is over. I love it!! it makes feel like im somewhat wakeboarding again well the closest thing to it.
My instructor

My Board personally given by Tora Bright legit Austrailian of the best in the world!

We like to sled down the mountain when were done ha

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you look way legit

Joni said...

Love my Aubree Girls! We did teach you to ski...