Monday, March 30, 2009

Greek wEEk

This past week was greek week. Everyday was a different theme and on Thursday we had greek olympics with ping pong tournaments and tug a wars with the other frats and sororities. Me and my friend abby were on the DG ping pong team we didnt win because we had to play sig! but it was still fun and we ended up winning the entire week at the end!

Getting ready to Dominate

Maxs solute

Tug of war Competition


Ping Pong Comp

Spring Break 09

This Spring Break was so fun! The first part of the week I went to Scottsdale AZ with 12 other girls cause my friend has a house out there. We all wanted to go somewhere cheap and warm. We went to the spring training angels game, played by the pool and went out on the town.. The second half of spring break I went home to visit the fam and met up with some of the cali crew that went down there...By far one of the best Spring Breaks I have ever had

We Love Bob

Spring Training Game


The Crew

Abbys House

Friday, March 20, 2009

DG RocknRoll

I love Emmy

Our Spring Date Night was last week and it was so much fun! We dressed up like rock stars and went to a Pink Floyd light show. I took my snowboard instructor mike for my date this semester . We went with my roommate and her date who is mikes friend. We wanted to take the trax down to gateway but our dates arrived late due to the fact they wanted to dress up more ha. But it was so fun and after the show we came back and played games all night and I was priveledged to take Mike to get his first Del Taco run Chlo and Meg

The crew


haha my favs

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SnowBoarding in Park City

This past semester I decided I wanted to take a snowboard class to try out my new board that blake got me for christmas. I signed up for a class at the U taught by fellow students worth 2 credits I thought it was perfect to get credit for school while riding the mountain only one problem, I had to make a freind in the first meeting cause i stilllll dont have a car to meet up in park city where the class was. Dont worry I made a freind with this girl who lived up at the dorms so it was perfect. The first few times I went up I hated it! I was always soar and I couldnt figure out if I was goofy or regular. But the best part was my group. I rode with a 50 year old mom of 5 children and my instructor was my age. After a few weeks I started to get the hang of it and couldnt get enough. I also started riding up with my instructor because he also lived in the dorms. We just finished the class last week and Im going to be soo sad when wed days roll around and im not going to be in PC... Im still not the best but I can get down pretty well on crescent and payday. Im going to try to go as much as I can before the season is over. I love it!! it makes feel like im somewhat wakeboarding again well the closest thing to it.
My instructor

My Board personally given by Tora Bright legit Austrailian of the best in the world!

We like to sled down the mountain when were done ha

Thursday, March 5, 2009

V Ice and HammA Timee

This past weekend my friend Chloee and I were able to hit up the legendary Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer Concert! Our work Spoon Me was one of the sponosors so they were able to hook us up with free tickets... It was so much fun! I thought that they were doing a tour but it was a final last show for both of them and im glad I was there to witness it. We left SLC around 8 and got there around 9 our boss had to sneak us backstage cause he forgot our wristbands soo legit but I was able to scheme us some from the security guard. We got there and the openers were on it was a band called Love You Long Time I actually really liked them. Then it was Vanilla Ices turn, he got up and I guess he decided to go all rockish on us so we didnt get the famous Ice Ice Baby we were all hoping for but it was still amazing. Then it was HAMMMER TIMEE. I felt like I went back in time and turned on soul train it was hilarious but soo freaking cool. It was too legit too legit to quit. My fav song of his. He had back up dancers and his son was one of them. I secretly wanted to be his backup dancers they were soo good but random ha. Close to the end we got really close to the stage and tried to get on for the last song. Vanilla Ice came out and celebrated "Cant Touch This" for the very last time on stage. It was epic I loved every minute of it. After the show we decided to dance with some creepers with really big hammer pants on ha O and my little baby nephew Dane was born during this whole thing! That was a nice surprise when I got home.