Wednesday, July 21, 2010

fourth of july

Balboa house
yummy corn bread

three minus one..missing amber

sugar house park was crazy!!!

This years fourth was so much fun! I felt like I celebrated it about four times because it fell on a sunday this year. Saturday I was in sugar house park in utah and was able to ride my bike around with one of my best friends steph and meet up with a huge group of friends to watch an exactly 27 min firework show. afterwards we celebrated more at the bradys house. Sunday I arrived back in my home town and went to balboa island to have dinner and watch more fireworks on the beach. On monday.. another day off for the fourth.. I went to my cousins house to celebrate by eating tons of bbq following with a game of watermelon football and ending the night with some hilarious games of mafia. Needless to say this fourth was one of the bests.

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Steph said...

yeah, let's not bring up the flat tire... or the rain... or the long walk uphill.... ahhhh Flap, I wouldn't have want to hang with anyone else! Can't wait to see you soooooo sooon!