Tuesday, March 9, 2010


back in the day of good old highschool aka my glory days... i loved basketball, i loved my team and i loved playing in intense games. some people would call me a baller. i guess. ha but seriously there is no better feeling then drilling a three infront of your opponent. i have missed it alot and lately i have been able to play ward ball every tues with my entire stake. it has been so much fun and i have been sooo out of shape! its helping me bring it back to the days when i used to be good. tonight at the game we were down by three with 1.5 seconds left they chose me to drill the three and guess what i FAILED aha it hit the rim and everyone in the audience was screaming cause we all thought it was going in. well didnt make it happen this week ha maybe next.

Monday, March 8, 2010

funny little girl

reminds me of another little girl on film....

Saturday, March 6, 2010


i was looking at old pics and i couldnt stop myself from putting these pics on the blog
this was when me and lauren first lived with each other in the dorms
i think these pictures were taken on accident bc i dont even remember them
i miss living with you LR... without a doubt one of the best times of my life
was sitting in this room with one of my best friends laughing, eating, watching movies
and messing around love you lauren!

Fresh Pow

so abby her little sister and i all went skiing today at alta
couldnt have asked for a better ski day
the sun was out, the powder was ready to shred
yet there was one problem i forgot about
i am not a skier...
i have only skied about a total of 3 times in my life
i like to pretend i am good
however much i would love to be the first picture
i looked like the second one.
i better start hitting the slopes whose in?
i could either be the little girl who fell or the
scared grandma with the camera
cant decide, they both describe my day

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mother its your BirthDAY

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! dont worry i wont put your age on here.. duh i just want to give you a little shout out. i dont think you will ever know how much i trully appreciate you. you are always there for me when you want to be or not. you are there when i call to complain, or when i want to make you proud. you never seem to let me down and you are there through all the good and the bad. i can count on you to calm me down, boost me up or snap me back into reality, i can always count on you when im feeling sad or when i want to laugh. i love you so much and i know you will miss me when im gone but i know you will make it through some how. you always seem to amaze me with your talents and how you seem to always put others before yourself. you have been the greatest mom i could have ever asked for and wouldnt trade you for anyone or anything... i hope you already know this but i will always be your little girl in the pink park