Thursday, April 15, 2010

Passion Pit

i finally got to see one of my favorite bands. last time they came i wasnt 21 and i couldnt go to the bar... this time they played in the venue as i gazed from the front row. it was so much fun i contemplated a possible crowd surf. didnt happen. cant wait to see them again. so goood.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

jazz g

we love the jazz. we love sixth row. we love the ivorys for giving us tickets.

my other half is married

patiently waiting

just walked out of the san diego temple

well where do i begin to explain my favorite cousin? welp i guess it starts when we were babies.. we never were seperated. ashley dipped her sandwich in the sand at the beach, i dipped my sandwich in the sand at the beach. i would start to tell a sentence and ash would finish it. words cant describe how much she means to me. we have grown up together and she has been like a sister to me. our whole life we knew that ash would get married first even though she pretended to deny it, deep down she knew it was true ha i pretty much predicted her whole life and she will tell you that ha i am so happy she found the man of her dreams and that i was able to be a part of her wonderful wedding. i was honored when she asked me to be her maid of honor it was as if our little girl dreams were becoming reality. although i will miss her while she is in her little married life she will always be my ash my other half.. love you girl!