Friday, May 28, 2010

BIke Tour 2010

our precious metals
road in during the sunrise

my life for the past four months has been an adventure.. anything and everything my friends and i would do aka the 25 mile bike tour of salt lake city prior to the the slc marathon..sign me up i dont have a bike or any gear but well make it work! and was i glad i did it! it was so much fun and not to mention random considering i dont bike! i wish i did... lauren, steph, abby and I were the four who stuck together through the many practice runs or maybe just one 10 mile bike ride the day before.. we were really prepared. It wasnt as bad as we thought. Abby and steph had legit road bikes while me and lauren struggled with our hybrids that i had to borrow from my wonderful friend pat. we woke up at 430 am and headed on down to the trax by 5! i had zero sleep and for some reason was so hypes! it must of been the Adrenalin as we got prepared to depart we pretended to stretch and act like real bikers in front of the people that actually trained for this event. once we started not even a mile into the race..lauren of course lauren gets her pants stuck in her wheel.. possibly the funniest moment of my life.. we went on cheering BT 010 the entire way singing and laughing in front of high schools "go rams" in front of highland and ' olay olay olay olaaaaaayyyyy" infront of olympus. we finished in exactly 1 hour and 44 min and 52 sec dont worry that the limit was an hour and 45 we finished with 8 secs to spare. The people incharge said they would escort you to a different route if we were not finished by the time set.. we saw the balloons and the beautiful purple medals wating for us only a couple yards ahead. I felt so accomplished it was a great experience def recommend. if i can do it so can you! i sat down in exhaustion and when steph asked if i wanted to go get a banana with her i tried to stand up and almost completely fell. i couldnt feel my legs and she basically had to carry me to the food area to get energy... BT 010 never will forget it, but maybe never will do it again. so many legit bikers!

pre tour stretch

it was dark when we started

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