Thursday, May 27, 2010

the ZOOO

They loved to study the map
I told him to pose and this is what he gave me.

Sorry that it has taken me forever to start blogging. This past semester has been full of ups, downs, adventures, hard times, laughs and crys... i dont even know where to begin blogging about.

but i guess ill start with some events that happened in the past two months! every year the Greek system gets to take underprivileged kids to the zoo up by the U. This year I wanted to stake out the cutest kid. My friend, Chloee and I spotted him.. he had a mo hawk with curly brownish hair with a plaid shirt on. We waited until all the kids got off the bus and nothing! we lost him... we went around screaming someone stole our child which was probably not a good idea considering we were supposed to be in charge of all the little ones.. we finally gave up and took one of Abbys kids and they were so cute! they were hilarious together and little Danny had the best little punk attitude i could have wanted. He went around singing songs and kicking fences he was a handful but kept us laughing. chloee and i spotted our child with another girl further into the zoo although we envied her we were satisfied with our little Danny.. it was hard to say goodbye to the chilren but it was an all an all good zoo day!

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